[common_icon_box style=”pix-item-quote” link=”|||” title=”Computed tomography (CT)” image=”620″]Computer tomography (CT) is a highly informative diagnostic method that allows to detect pathological changes in various organs and systems of the human body.[/common_icon_box][common_icon_box style=”pix-item-quote” link=”|||” title=”Diagnostic laboratory” image=”356″]Thanks to modern equipment and reagents, laboratory diagnostics allows us to get high-quality and maximally informative data on the processes occurring in our body in a rather fast time.[/common_icon_box]
[common_icon_box style=”pix-item-quote” link=”|||” title=”Personal psychologist” image=”614″]The service is intended for those people who are forced to constantly experience stressful conditions – to businessmen, entrepreneurs, managers, people of creative and public professions.[/common_icon_box][common_icon_box style=”pix-item-quote” link=”|||” title=”Manual therapy” image=”355″]Manual therapy (MT) combines diagnostic techniques and a complex of various medical techniques aimed at restoring the functions of various parts of the musculoskeletal system.[/common_icon_box]
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